Does your machine have a robot but you don’t know how to grip the items?

Does a simple and reliable system for them to be positioned and picked up exist?

LOOP FEEDER is the solution you were looking for

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Loop Feeder is a brand enclosing several systems to complement the robots. Cutting-edge and flexible, they ease the picking-up of items shaped in different forms and dimensions.

The common principle is the occurrence of a continuous cycle, hence the name “loop”, allowing the continuous grip and handling in a pre-defined area that can be backlit.

How does Loop Feeder work?

Loop systems with a robotic grip are actually a flexible solution for the items to be conveyed.

Prior to it, there is a consistent metering of loose items thanks to vibrant or motorized cascade hoppers that can sometimes be used together.
The items deposit on a conveyor belt and arrive sorted out and open at the robot’s scan and gripping point.

In the LF Soft model, the items stay in the continuous loop of two belts, while in the LF Big model, the unpicked items are conveyed back to the hopper.

All other models (Sort/Disk/Full/Easy) include integrated vibrating bowls; however, these are not realized with the classic specific orientation methods, which are too strict and little flexible.

The bowls only have simple settings in order to let the items out in a single-file line, one after another. Once arrived at the scan and gripping point of the belt, the items further stand apart. It is possible to adjust the bowl for the product change and start with the cycle over again in less than 1 minute.

The advantages of a preliminary orientation are remarkable in order to provide continuity to the robot grip.
According to the item types to be conveyed, we are able to offer you the most suitable model belonging to the Loop Feeder family.

Critical issues of the commercially available systems

Several feeding systems (rotating discs, vibrating and waving vessels or belts) are already on the market but they are only efficient for specific items, final positions and cycle times.

  • Difficult metering. The charge of these systems, provided with vibrating or motorized hoppers, does not assure the items metering, thus reducing the final performances a lot.
  • Limiting dimensions. Significantly heavy big and medium-sized items are scarcely manageable. They are only suitable for specific product niches.
  • Restrained cadences. In case of tangled items or items with complex structures it is necessary to maintain very low cadences.
  • Impossible cadence certainty. The lack of accumulation/buffer, before and after the robot’s gripping action, makes it impossible to have cadence certainty (number of pieces /seconds). The combination with an operational or an assembly machine, which needs a cadenced grip, is therefore complicated.
  • Complex handling. The handling of a system with robot interface is complex even for simple items, such as caps, plugs and little tubes.
  • High costs. Costs are still very high even nowadays.

With the Loop Feeder solutions, these critical aspects are completely resolved. According to the needs of both client and his products, we uncompromisingly combine the most appropriate and adequate system.

Loop Feeder is a brand of Gasco group, long-time producer of feeding systems.
Thanks to the experience gained in decades working with thousands of different items, it has been possible to create a specific division made up by a team of experts able to offer solid, performing solutions.

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