Frequently Asked Questions

You can provide us with your data by sending an e-mail to

In order to identify the most adequate Loop Feeder model, we need:

- a description or an outline with the dimensions of the spring to be conveyed.

indication of their dimensions.

- possible photos.

The essential data - besides the figures and the picture of the sample - are::

- the desired grip positions

- the number of items picked up per second, per minute or per hour (cadency)

- the feeding capacity in kg or in number of items to be introduced in our system.

We almost never need samples for a first evaluation, but the analysis would be eased with just a few of them. In case of order, however, the necessary amount for the construction and the system testing is similar to the requested final feeding capacity.

Having all the preliminary data as well as the samples, if necessary, you can averagely get an offer within 3 days. The delivery times depend from the chosen Loop Feeder model and its final configuration. From the order reception, we approximately send the 3D project within 10 days, while the delivery takes place within 8 / 10 weeks.

Manuals and Declaration of Incorporation, such as the Machine Directive 2006/42/EC, in Italian or in English. A Report of the final testing provided with photos and a video of the complete system (with automatic test, simulation of the sample cadence and grip).

Loop Feeder is a brand of Gasco group Srl, a manufacturer of feeding systems for over 30 years. The best guarantee - besides the legal and European ones - is our know-how, recognized by the leading manufacturers and users of special and automatic machines, as well as by robot providers.

All components of the systems are encoded, designed and available in the warehouse within few days.

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