LF Big

The Big model of Loop Feeder is a feeding system for various types of loose items, which are metered by a vibrating or motorized hopper.

It allows the positioning of the items on a belt provided with a backlit area, fixed under its special cloth.

The gripping action of the robot with 2D vision is thus being facilitated. Unpicked items recirculate through a motorized elevator leading them to the feeding hopper, thus creating a continuous loop.

The challenge

The client is a machine manufacturer in the field of the plastic molding. He needed his robot to pick up plastic items. The issue was the variability due to different dimensions and forms.
Furthermore, the items were quite bulky (averagely 100x30x20), even if lightweight.

Further requests:
1) Range of at least 1000 items.

The LF BIG solution

We have suggested the Big solution, which resulted to be optimal for this application. In order to reach the requested range, a 100-liters vibrating hopper was employed. The items arriving at the gripping point were averagely detached and ready to be picked up. The unpicked items fell down a slide and the motorized elevator led them back to the vibrating hopper.

Final outcome:

Great range and handling of big and medium-sized workpieces


Uniform distribution of the items


Easy usage and implementation with the client’s robot


Low noise


Compact overall dimensions compared to the conventional feeding systems


Client fully satisfied