LF Disk

The Disk model of Loop Feeder allows the positioning of items exiting from a circular vibrant on a glass disk, arranging them in a single-file line or, at least, in an ordered way.

While circulating on the motorized disk, the items can be checked with an adequate vision system and thus discarded (if a quality check is needed) or picked up by a robot or a manipulating device.

Unpicked items are conveyed back to an external area of the circular vibrant, thus creating a continuous loop.

The challenge

The client is a manufacturer of valves and accessories for cleaning machines. He needed to perform a check with a vision system on the items, which were then to be picked up by a SCARA robot. The range of items was wide and they had to arrive in vertical position in order to allow the check before and the grip afterwards.

Further requests:

1) Cadence of 30 items/minute
2) Easy usage at format changing

The LF DISK solution

Through simple adjustments, we have realized a vibrating bowl that allowed the vertical positioning of the conveyed items on a glass disk. In the first part of the disk, provided with light and camera, the item check took place. If not compliant, the item was discarded into a slide through an air blow, while in another part of the disk the grip was performed by a SCARA robot. The unpicked ones, because too close to one another or lying down, recirculated back to the vibrating bowl.
Final outcome:

Orderly and continuous positioning of the items


Opportunity to perform a quality check and to get an unambiguous positioning of the items


High check or grip cadence, since the items are averagely already oriented


Easy usage and implementation


Configuration for an acoustic insulating layer