LF Easy

The Easy model of Loop Feeder is a circular vibrant positioning the items in a single-file line or, at least, in an ordered way. Under the final area of the bowl a back-light is inserted to light the glass slide from which, the vibrant being switched off, the items are picked up by a robot or a manipulating device provided with a vision system.

The unpicked items recirculate back to the bowl, thus creating a continuous loop.

The challenge

The client works in the automotive field. He needed his robot to pick up different kind of screws. The grip cadence was low (approximately 4 items/minute), but the spaces were very tight. The screws were also slightly oily and had different diameters and lengths.

The LF EASY solution

We have realized a vibrating bowl with a simple adjustment: it felt the passage of the screws conveyed in a single-file line with their head in the front and in the back (2 positions). A sensor detected the items arrived on the glass slide, it switched the vibrator off and allowed the robot to vision and pick up the screw, by recognizing whether it had its head in the front or in the back. To solve the issue with the oil, a special coating inside the bowl was used.

Final outcome:

Orderly and continuous distribution of the items


Very affordable costs compared to other solutions


Easy usage and implementation with the client’s robot


Very versatile, with the option of having open queues and item queues side-by-side


Compact overall dimensions


The client used this system for other applications too