LF Full

The Full model of Loop Feeder is the most complete system of the range, being composed by a motorized hopper, a circular vibrant, a linear conveyor for the pre-accumulation, a belt for scan and grip and a belt for the recirculation back to the hopper.

Exiting the circular vibrant, the items deposit on a linear conveyor or a belt, thus being ordered in a column of items not in pushing. This allows to get items almost always cadenced and ready on the following scan and gripping belt.

In several applications we managed to get a guaranteed cadence of 1 items / 2 seconds, pre-ordered. Unpicked items recirculate in a motorized elevator leading them in the feeding hopper, thus creating a continuous loop.

The challenge

The client works in the field of components for household appliances and had formerly already used our vibrating systems to feed some plastic covers with different forms. Since he needed to change the items’ dimensions over time, the dedicated vibrant no longer was the most adequate solution, not to mention that the grip would be entrusted to a SCARA robot provided with vision system.

Further requests:

1) The items had to arrive at the scan area with the empty part upwards

2) Cadence of 1 item / 2.5 seconds

The LF FULL solution

We have realized a vibrating bowl that deposited the items on a linear feeder with the empty part upwards, thanks to minimal adjustments. At minimal speed, there was a pre-accumulation column forming, so that an item would always be available on the next belt to be picked up. The rare unpicked ones recirculated back to the feeding hopper.

Final outcome:

Orderly and continuous distribution of the items


Flexible and adjustable for several applications


Easy usage and implementation with the client’s robot


Final client and constructors satisfied and expectation of future similar systems